Version history of legacy versions 1-2

Download older versions Current version: 2.1/2018-07-23JPEG_Autorotate_2-1.exe (266 KB) Version 2.0/2013-05-21JPEG_Autorotate_2-0.exe (257 KB) Version 1.2/2007-07-28JPEG-EXIF_autorotate_1-2.exe (206 KB) Version 1.1/2006-05-06JPEG-EXIF_autorotate_1-1.exe (202 KB) Version 1.03/2006-01-05JPEG-EXIF_autorotate_1-03.exe (183 KB Windows installer ) Changes See also commit history Version 2.1/2018-07-23 Updated both jhead and jpegtran to newest versions Added SystemFileAssociations\Image\shell\JPEG-EXIF_autorotate registry key to allow rotation of single images on newer windowses… Read more Version history of legacy versions 1-2

JPEG Autorotate for Linux (Obsolete)

Back to JPEG Autorotate homepage (this way if you don’t understand what all of the fuss is about) Obsolete. This page has not been updated in some years. If you know a project that has properly implemented autorotating JPG’s based on EXIF metadata, please tell me and I will add a link here. I currently… Read more JPEG Autorotate for Linux (Obsolete)