Hi there!

I’m Olli. I’m enthusiastic about everything related to product design. I’ve been an independent software vendor since 2010.

JPEG Autorotate is my side project. It was previously known as JPEG-EXIF Autorotate. Previous websites for it have been on and on was acquired in 2019 for JPEG Autorotate 3.

So umh, … the team is a worldwide network of open source developers. 🙂 Read more on the Credits & Licensing page.


In circa 2005, I used to have a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z2 camera, which let me rotate photos, but actually didn’t really rotate them. It just edited the EXIF orientation metadata in the JPEG file, like most (all?) cameras do.

I found a solution by Thomas Bonfort that turned the EXIF data into a rotated photo. I enhanced it to work in most Windows machines and made a Windows installer with NSIS.

JPEG Autorotate 2 uses jpegtran, jhead and ImageMagick. Some parts compressed with 7-Zip as SFX. JPEG Autorotate 3 is a different beast: it still uses jpegtran, and a host of other open source packages. (See inside the app itself for details.)