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Hi! I’m Olli Savolainen, author of JPEG Autorotate. I’m not a big company – I’m one guy! To be able to develop future features (see “planned” features below), I really need your support. You can support development by giving your photo collection some extra love: The licenses below unlock major new features of JPEG Autorotate.

Licenses for JPEG Autorotate 3 are tied to the user, not to a particular device. Install the app on any device you use regularly, and enjoy!

Comparison of licenses: What do I get?

What do I get when I buy JPEG Autorotate?

JPEG Autorotate 3 is a major upgrade over version 2. It includes:

Simple, sleek UI; Clearer rotate output
  • Ability to change settings without re-running the installer
  • Option to close window (or not) after rotating from Windows context menu
  • Detailed output available as separate pane
  • Rotate progress in status bar
  • Rotated folder history
  • Rotate previews for diagnosing problem cases
    • Open selected file or its folder in File Explorer or default image viewer
    • Auto-rotate single image directly from the app with preview

I am a single developer doing this on my free time, so

  • I unfortunately cannot offer refunds due to the extra work involved. Please try (download) the free version out before buying, to make sure the features are what you need. 🙂
  • Please understand that I am no longer able to offer support for free version users. Please purchase a Boosted or a Pro license to get assistance with specific cases. If you feel you need a discount, please contact me.

Boosted license includes:

In addition to the above, the boosted version enables rotating:

  • Selfies (i.e. photos with non-standard metadata; ‘invalid SOS parameters’)
  • Photos with unicode/international paths and filenames
  • Lossless individual image manual rotate in app
  • Basic support & troubleshooting

JPEG Autorotate was originally designed to work with standards-compliant photos. That’s why these fail to rotate in the free version, as well as in earlier versions of JPEG Autorotate.

Pro license includes

In addition to everything in the Boosted License, a Pro license includes:

  • Folder watcher: Automatically rotate all photos dropped in any folder you choose (Not available in any other software on the planet!)
  • Exclusive priority support via email
  • All future feature updates to JPEG Autorotate 3 will be to the Pro version only; they are included for in this single price
  • Planned: Create your own workflows: ability to trigger any custom command on photos after they have been rotated from Folder Drop
  • Planned: Multi-process mode for much faster rotating
  • Planned: Dark mode
  • Planned: Automated JPEG file optimization while rotated
  • Planned: Regenerate JPEG thumbnails
  • Request for what you need in feature board!

You still may be wondering about the price of the Pro version. So please consider this: If I had used the time I used on development of the Folder Drop feature in a normal development job, the salary costs would have easily added up to thousands or more likely, tens of thousands of dollars. Really! This is a work of passion. The plan is to at first cover yearly recurring costs: server maintenance, etc.

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