How does rotating photos work?

How do I make sure my photos show correctly everywhere? You typically just want your photos to show upright everywhere. That’s a reasonable ask, right? Mostly, the assumption with modern digital photography is that all applications can read the orientation tag in your photos and show your portrait photo correctly. (This article largely discusses Windows,… Read more How does rotating photos work?

Changes in version 3.24

Fixed: uninstaller now always available in Program Files\JPEG Autorotate installation folder Updated the installer framework to NSIS 3 This made it possible to sign the uninstaller Added pregenerated and signed uninstaller executable into the installer to make sure the uninstaller actually gets deployed every time

Changes in version 3.22

Fix slashes in certain messages that show up while rotating Add license level “Pro supporter”, adjust terms Add help text in title bar of the browse dialog that appears when you click “Browse…” – it was previously hard to understand why that dialog shows folder contents listing but not images in it Fix trial limitations… Read more Changes in version 3.22

Taxes: EU VAT

I’ve been avoiding taking care of taxes for the first few months so I could figure out whether there’s sustained demand for JPEG Autorotate paid licenses. Turns out, this is actual, though modest income for me. It’s not worth the work involved to devise a complex tax scheme. EU VAT still needs to be paid… Read more Taxes: EU VAT