Pro: Completely automated rotating system (command line arguments)

With the Pro license and the Folder Watcher feature, things get interesting. You become capable of building an entirely automated worldwide image processing pipeline of your own.

Recap: The Folder Watcher feature lets you choose a folder and have JPEG Autorotate automatically rotate any photos that arrive in it, with no user involvement.

When you combine this with

  • Dropbox or another cloud storage provider and
  • Having JPEG Autorotate run on Windows startup

You can achieve a system where you might have a team of photographers around the world uploading their photos to the cloud, and your “server” machine automatically rotating those photos right after they appear in the cloud service, giving all of the photographers access to rotated photos.

For Pro users, there is a


command line argument, which you could use to start up JPEG Autorotate at Windows launch, to make sure watching is always on. You can also add a command line argument to set the folder to watch at startup.

The appropriate startup command to run JPEG Autorotate with would be (depending on the location of your Dropbox folder):

jpeg-autorotate.exe --watch C:\Dropbox

(Please let me know if you find this useful. Thanks!)

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