Changes in version 3.26

Pro version worked like a champ. Solved my problem. Best $50 I ever spent.

Feedback on March 13th, 2022

Phew! It has been a while!

Changes in version 3.16

– Fix version number in registry to match that in UI
– Update Pro feature listing in First use introduction
– Adjust notifications within app (don’t warn about turning off folder watching, when it’s being turned off as result of manual rotating, unless it’s on)
– Adjust about dialog contents

Changes in version 3.2

Reorganize Preferences window tabs
Fix license text display
Remove custom sizing of text for some buttons

Version 3.21

Changes in version 3.22

Changes in 3.23

3.23 is an urgent bugfix release: In 3.22, the free version limited rotates too strictly in an unintended manner.

Changes in version 3.24

Fixed: uninstaller now always available in Program Files\JPEG Autorotate installation folder

Changes in version 3.25

Changes in version 3.05

– License string handling improvements
– Clean up About dialog, add version number
– Better error output
– Improve feedback when turning watcher off
– Fix visual glitch in Watch folder toggle
– Fix mechanism for remembering window size across app restarts; we no longer try to restore app position on screen, just app window size. If an external monitor is removed, the app window is now no longer restored outside usable desktop space.

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Changes in version 3.11

– Clarify various warning and error messages with context
– Clarify option descriptions in Preferences panel
– Program file properties sheet shows file version in Windows explorer
– Add icons and replace bad ones with better ones

(Version 3.10 had small bugs in the installer so decided to release a new version right away.)