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Ever had the problem of pictures taken in portrait showing up in landscape in emails, on your blog or on your mobile device? JPEG Autorotate is the solution. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s (mostly) free.

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JPEG Autorotate adds right click menu items to Windows for folders and photo files (.jpg, .jpeg).

You can effortlessly rotate, with no quality loss:

  • single images,
  • all images in a folder and its subfolders

according to the EXIF orientation metadata (stored in photos by most digital cameras).

Hallelujah! Wish I’d found this a few months ago when I sorted through 2000 vacation photos. Never again!


Photos from most phones & cameras already contain the info needed to rotate photos the right way up. This little app automatically makes sure your photos show up correctly everywhere. No need to do this by hand anymore.

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I’m about to do a new app with fixes and a folder watcher feature: Automatically rotate all photos dropped in a chosen folder, and more!

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bless your dear, sweet little website for offering me the means by which i may now autorotate with glee! thank you for saving me fingers! <3 <3 <3 ^_^

melissa 🙂

Excellent piece of software! Sometimes the simple things take a long time to do and rotating dozens of pictures is one of them… Thank you very much from Portugal!


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5 thoughts on “Get your photo files right

  1. Just tested this program on pictures I took in Asheville, NC. Did one hell of a job rotating the pictures.

  2. Hi, i have installed the programm on win7 and then i tried to start (exe and bat too) but nothing happend.
    There ist no gui as described – whats going wrong?

    1. Hi Otto!
      You’ll need to right click on a folder or a jpeg file in Windows explorer. There should be an option to trigger rotating there “Autorotate all JPEGs in folder” or “Autorotate”. Does that help?

      There is also a beta GUI version. If you’d like to try it out, please contact me at . Thanks!

  3. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for years. The Windows picture import used to rotate the pictures and then it stopped working and I could never solve it. Hours spent manually rotating pictures after importing them to Windows. Finally, something that is quick and it works!! Thank you so much.

Comments and feedback