JPEG Autorotate for Linux (Obsolete)

Back to JPEG Autorotate homepage (this way if you don’t understand what all of the fuss is about) Obsolete. This page has not been updated in some years. If you know a project that has properly implemented autorotating JPG’s based on EXIF metadata, please tell me and I will add a link here. I currently… Read more JPEG Autorotate for Linux (Obsolete)

Release day of JPEG Autorotate 3

… was yesterday. This was a peculiar side project. Phew! I can’t believe I’m still working on just getting peoples photos rotated the right way up. I thought I might as well build on what I had and fix particular issues people get reporting about. But here I am. What particularly bugged me was the… Read more Release day of JPEG Autorotate 3

Magazine review in Norwegian Komputer For Alle

Komputer For Alle‘s page for JPEG Autorotate online. What I love the most is that they’ve employed a graphic designer to come up with a cardboard box design for the product! The scanned article below is for JPEG Autorotate 2, which has no graphical user interface. Thanks to Hans Christian Ihlen of QuickInstaller for the… Read more Magazine review in Norwegian Komputer For Alle

Taxes: EU VAT

I’ve been avoiding taking care of taxes for the first few months so I could figure out whether there’s sustained demand for JPEG Autorotate paid licenses. Turns out, this is actual, though modest income for me. It’s not worth the work involved to devise a complex tax scheme. EU VAT still needs to be paid… Read more Taxes: EU VAT

How does rotating photos work?

How do I make sure my photos show correctly everywhere? You typically just want your photos to show upright everywhere. That’s a reasonable ask, right? Mostly, the assumption with modern digital photography is that all applications can read the orientation tag in your photos and show your portrait photo correctly. (This article largely discusses Windows,… Read more How does rotating photos work?

About building a photo rotating app

It’s funny how building a small app can be so exciting, sort of. — Sort of? Well, it’s not like rotating JPEG photos is going to save anyone’s world. It’s the sort of project that will save you from a frustration. A big or small, depending on the volume of your photos. What it is… Read more About building a photo rotating app

JPEG Autorotate 3 : Birth pains

Earlier I thought it would be great to make JPEG Autorotate 3 A LOT faster (by making it use multiple processor cores), and to first index all the photos before rotating them so we could know how much work there is beforehand and show progress. Turns out, it wasn’t time for those features yet. Thanks… Read more JPEG Autorotate 3 : Birth pains