Version history of legacy versions 1-2

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Version 2.1/2018-07-23

  • Updated both jhead and jpegtran to newest versions
  • Added SystemFileAssociations\Image\shell\JPEG-EXIF_autorotate registry key to allow rotation of single images on newer windowses
  • Merged the very first pull request by catchup4kodi to only show directory rotation on relevant directories
  • Added directive to include inetc downloader library directly in NSIS script. This way, it doesn’t need to be installed in NSIS program directory to compile the installer.

Version 2.0/2013-05-21

  • Rebranded as JPEG Autorotate.
  • Moved project to github, please see commit history
  • By “popular demand”, now allow users to select not to wait for user confirmation before closing window when completed rotating
  • Added new right click menu registry associations to make sure right click menu items appear on all computers

Version 1.2/2007-07-28 (Using NSIS 2.29)

  • Added an option to set the file dates to the date in EXIF date field, which is supposed to be the photo taking time/date.
  • Updated to a jhead post-2.7 head revision copy, to avoid resetting the IPTC data of rotated files. Thanks to Matthias Wandel, the author of jhead, for compiling it for me on 2007-07-25.
  • Updated the documentation (this file), added Developer Notes.
  • Tested the installer with wine on Ubuntu Linux. It works. Not that it would be any use ;).
  • Made app version number visible in the installer title bar.

Version 1.1/2006-05-06

  • Updated jhead to version 2.6, which means that now JPEG-EXIF autorotate also rotates the thumbnails inside JPEG images
  • Added a “regenerate thumbnails” feature, to fix the thumbnails of images rotated by previous versions of jhead or JPEG-EXIF autorotate. This feature uses mogrify.exe from Imagemagick. mogrify.exe is over 4 megabytes, so the installer now downloads it only if the user selects it for installation.
  • Added the URL of the JPEG-EXIF autorotate website in the beginning and in the end of the rotating process.

Version 1.03/2006-01-05

  • Updated the package with the new documentation
  • Added a note in the beginning and in the end of the rotating process

Version 1.02/2004-05-21 (just documentation – not yet updated in the installation file)

  • Added ‘acknowledgements’ section — noting that jpegtran changes timestamps — describing the true lossless rotation that JPEG-EXIF autorotate does — and noting that the orientation EXIF tag is set to ‘1’ (normal orientation) after rotation.

Version 1.01/2004-04-24

  • Cleaned up the NSI file, fixed the name of the application to “JPEG-EXIF autorotate”, fixed some minor bugs, fixed errors in readme.txt

Version 2004-04-22

  • First release, 1.0

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