JPEG Autorotate 3 : Birth pains

Earlier I thought it would be great to

  • make JPEG Autorotate 3 A LOT faster (by making it use multiple processor cores), and
  • to first index all the photos before rotating them so we could know how much work there is beforehand and show progress.

Turns out, it wasn’t time for those features yet. Thanks to YOU πŸ™‚ dear beta testers, we’ve discovered that the first requires more in-depth engineering efforts to be stable, and the latter can slow down rotating larger batches of photos too much.

When rotating, we still have a summary shown during and after rotating, so you will know how things went. Also we now have a stop button

Yes. I should have had a separate backend from the start i guess. I didn’t think it was necessary (and for the current mode of function is isn’t). So I’m leaving it up to the, umh, market (I’m talking to you, yes you right there) to decide. If this gets popular enough, and upvoted enough in the feature board, we’ll get it done. I’d kind of like to. It is fun to make architectures more elegant. ☺️

As for using multiple cores – please let me know if more speed is what you would like! There’s certainly a way to make multi-core operation happen, it just wasn’t the time for it in the first release.

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