Taxes: EU VAT

I’ve been avoiding taking care of taxes for the first few months so I could figure out whether there’s sustained demand for JPEG Autorotate paid licenses. Turns out, this is actual, though modest income for me. It’s not worth the work involved to devise a complex tax scheme. EU VAT still needs to be paid though to EU customers’ purchases.

To compensate, I’ve had to change the prices a little bit. The base price is the same for all countries. As the VAT only gets added to purchases from EU countries, I’ve taken the price of the Pro license down a bit accordingly. So the actual product price doesn’t rise too much as a result of VAT.

To compensate for that, I’ve taken current discounted price of the Boosted license a up bit.

As always, if the price gets prohibitive, please contact me and describe your situation so I can issue you a discount coupon!

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