Barb Stras

Ahhhhh — what a pleasure today. Had a work assignment and took about 60 photos which I’d normally have to crop and save each one to have proper orientation. But not with AutoRotate! Did a batch processing which occurred VERY quickly in my DropBox and Voila!! It worked PERFECTLY!!! Thrilled with this app. Very cool and what a timesaver. Count me VERY *VERY* happy!

I wanted to get back with you after playing with the software on my Win8.1 machine and my Win 10 desktop as well as my Surface tablet.

Frankly, it works beautifully. I created a folder for test photos in my Dropbox, uploaded portrait photos from my Galaxy Note (Android) and then bulk converted as well as converted individually on each device.

This is an INVALUABLE ASSIST to someone like me who shoots many photos daily from their Android/iPhone device. This, so far, has worked PERFECTLY and seamlessly without aggravation.

I’m definitely a convert so far. Will be taking more photos tomorrow and trying them out after multiple reboots and uploads. Thank you again for the opportunity to look at this nice software. It’s just terrific.

About the purchase process

Yes the emails came through ….one that says the account has been created with an automatically generated password as well as the order now complete email. That’s very nice and people will want to see that after they pay for the software. […]

Nice that I did receive an auto wordpress notification when I changed my password … Let me think about user groups that would love to hear about this particular software. There are many out there but if could only sell it to Apple or Samsung then you would be set for life, of course. Ha!!