faith, evaluated

the thing I was I no longer am the faith I had it became new I was proud of what was vain I look for quiet now any peace will do around 29 Dec. 2011

Everything is new

This is how I see it here is where I stand this is who I like to be the road lies ahead The future owes me nothing the past is way behind all there is, is now everything is new


The last night in Metz. I’ve been inviting people to see me during the last week for several occasions, and despite me trying to organize things, everybody came tonight. The surprise was great – I would have been stressed about it had I known beforehand. The party ended just minutes ago, and I feel I…

Tongue twisters in Finnish

Tongue twisters in Finnish. Couple of times I have been asked if Finnish has tongue twisters, and I have failed to remember any. Mun mummoni muni mun mammani, mun mammani muni mun = My grandma hatched my mom, my mom hatched me (song) Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata pankolla porisee ja kuohuu = Appila vicarage’s assistant…

Une nouvelle année

Heli arrived on last Friday. It’s been good. Özhan, l’artiste took a photo of me and Heli yesterday. I haven’t been featured on Deviantart before! Not that we are recognizable, but still it’s cool. The weather in Metz really is that melancholic. No wonder Verlaine and folks liked it here. It was a good and…

Ultimate NucleusCMS to any blog migration (here, WordPress)

This is not based on migrating the database, but on keeping both systems, Nucleus and the new blogging software working, and the old one’s URLs intact (using some simple .htaccess magic) while adding the new one’s urls. The downside is that when Nucleus has security holes fixed, you have to keep upgrading it, as well…

New journal

To celebrate going to France in a week, decided to throw out the old blog engine nucleus and use the oh-so-fashinable WordPress. Most links should still work, though. Going to customize this theme when I have a chance, to look like again. The old blog entries are still here, too.