Ultimate NucleusCMS to any blog migration (here, WordPress)

This is not based on migrating the database, but on keeping both systems, Nucleus and the new blogging software working, and the old one’s URLs intact (using some simple .htaccess magic) while adding the new one’s urls. The downside is that when Nucleus has security holes fixed, you have to keep upgrading it, as well […]

Setting up DansGuardian on a single home PC running Ubuntu

I am available for hire! Usability evaluation and testing, software development, Moodle development. See portfolio Please note: there are newer howtos at ubuntu forums (howto1, howto2). These are probably more thoroughly tested than mine is. Thanks. Dansguardian (nowadays E2Guardian; see commercial options) is efficient, even mostly out-of-the-box web content filtering to protect from the filth […]