Ram Dass: Be Here Now – brightened PDF for e-readers

Download brightened version for e-readers (low res 600px pages, I’ll maybe generate higher res sometime later). As far as I know, it’s ok to distribute it, as a dozen other websites already do. This is a PDF of Ram Dass’ book: Be Here Now. I started reading it and loved it, since it started very,… Continue reading Ram Dass: Be Here Now – brightened PDF for e-readers

On privacy, safety, openness, and growth

I propose that privacy is key to having any kind of healthy value base in society. This was inspired by What Happens Next Will Amaze You and by The following companies just betrayed billions of people. Privacy is not only a question of individuals being smart enough to not share anything too personal online. That… Continue reading On privacy, safety, openness, and growth


The last night in Metz. I’ve been inviting people to see me during the last week for several occasions, and despite me trying to organize things, everybody came tonight. The surprise was great – I would have been stressed about it had I known beforehand. The party ended just minutes ago, and I feel I… Continue reading Amazed


In a hidden garden, where the air is heavy and warm, where light is cast from somewhere outside on certain spots. Here you cannot see any life besides that of the plants, the shine of your soul seems dim, more faded than ever before. Why is that, you ask yourself and keep walking along the… Continue reading Garden