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Product & Service Designs

My work spans three main areas:
– user experience design
– design for supporting learning and motivation
exploring presence and emerging human essence.

Some of my publicly available work:


Designs geared towards supporting learning

Regular Expressions You Can Read (
A design concept – for the interaction model – of a developer tool. Audience: 93K. See also: Background…

Negotiating User Needs in an Open Source Community
Moodle Core Quiz module UX project: Community buy-in acquisition, UI design, usability testing

Universities of Finland: Electronic Exam Solution
User Experience Design, both physical environment and online; major success in onboarding large cohorts of students smoothly

App Designs

Mobile UX for an alarm clock sure to wake you up
Mobile UX design experiment with iterative usability testing

Sleeping calendar for circadian rhythm disorder patients (G47.2), built for a friend


Publicly available tip of the iceberg:

JPEG Autorotate
App: Rotate your photos easily for use everywhere

Industrial measurement product & service in use by dozens of industrial enterprises across Finland, Sweden and central Europe

Online store redesign for enhancing discoverability
An online reseller was running into trouble with their existing online store with 10000’s of items. I studied current design trends and created an experience to increase sales, which did so measurably.

Other Online Things

Uncategorized: Blog about working to become a counselor


Social media:

Personal site:

Like 15-20% of humans, I have traits of a highly sensitive person. It enables me to live a life rich in experiences.

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