Everything I do is about ways of allowing innate human capacities of presence, discernment, drive, empathy, and creativity to enter the arena of design and implementation.

This way, we can guide design and implementation through with minimal friction. Below I present some concrete ways of doing this.

I offer:

  • UX design
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Product management
  • Coaching

UX design

Designing the product journey

what is the goodness here?
begin to understand 
the value you propose
(Very artistic depiction of user journey)

Starting from your value proposition, we will model your service processes and touchpoints. We ensure the end experiences truly resonate with and meet the needs of your users. This background work sets the stage for more detailed specification, and for iterating on implementation.

By employing methodologies tailored to your needs, we ensure that your product’s user experience is intuitive, engaging, and aligned with your target audience’s expectations.

User research: Contextual inquiry

in the place where 
people do the Thing
watch them do it
ask about what excites or frustrates them
what sparks joy

Contextual inquiry helps understand your users’ needs and behaviors in their actual usage environments. We uncover deep insights that might not emerge in a more traditional research setting. We do this by observing and interviewing your users during their activities.

This approach can reveal hidden elements of your users’ expectations, frustrations, and satisfaction levels. It offers invaluable data to inform your product design and development processes.


draw the Thing
many times
really look, reflect and learn

Are you ready to bring your ideas to life? By creating realistic, interactive mockups and prototypes, we get a tangible representation of your final product before it’s built. This not only allows you to visualize your ideas but also test them in real-world scenarios.

I’ll work to see that prototype is visually engaging, user-friendly, and aligns well with your brand, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and support your vision. Let’s collaborate to refine your product’s functionality, and boost its market success potential.

Usability testing

watch the people curiously 
while they use the Thing and talk
really listen, don't comment

Discover the true potential of your product with usability testing. I provide comprehensive, real-world feedback that unveils your product’s strengths and uncovers areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and boosting your conversion rates. Read more: The Why and the How of Usability testing

Conceptual modeling

understand how 
the people who do the Thing
think about the Thing

Clarify complex business concepts, transforming them into thought out database designs. With my guidance, we will create a detailed, data-driven representation of your business’s information requirements.

I provide expert services Concept D modeling, but I also talk ER (Entity-Relationship) if needed. Modeling helps you ensure there’s shared understanding about core ideas which can be effectively communicated across the organization. Read more

Product management, Requirements engineering and Implementation

together sort Things out 
create the Things

I communicate with developers with ease and am very skilled at converting UX designs into technical specifications.

  • I have a nearly three-decade experience of various technologies, tools and languages such as Linux, automation system architectures, network stacks and protocols such as TCP/IP and MQTT, various relational databases, PHP, C++/Qt, Java, and Python/Django, and web technologies in general.
  • I can utilize and guide you with Advanced AI LLM prompting if needed
  • I work well with and in teams using Agile and Kanban style processes.
  • I have a robust understanding of the fundamentals of human-computer interaction (graduated MSc.), computer science and software engineering as disciplines.

Summary: I can support you in the process of creating intuitive and engaging frameworks and applications that meet your specific needs, whether it’s for a dynamic website, a powerful desktop application, or an interactive mobile app. I want to bring your designs to life, ensuring they not only look great but also work seamlessly.


feel the Things
reflect them back
ask about their experience
learn new Things

An atmosphere of presence and emotional openness fosters efficient communication. I have a comprehensive toolbox of different excercises for constructive communication and embodied awareness. These can support us in hearing each other better.

I love to coach others with any and all of the activities mentioned above, and I have a background in education. So I can wield learning methods from modern pedagogy, to boost learning rooted in concrete action, in a setting of equals.

User journey and conceptual modeling images generated using an LLM