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My name is Olli Savolainen.

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User centered designer, MSc. (University of Tampere)

I am a usability practitioner with experience in designing successful software products. Latest, I founded Fluxitek with a partner in 2010. ForceProof, our materials testing software product, is now mature and commercially successful; we have a growing base of customers in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

My master's thesis on user centered design in open source was honorary mention—awarded (in Finnish) in ACM SIGCHI Finland competition.

Passionate about product development

I enjoy balancing different choices between technologies, and helping customers clarify their goals.

What typically motivates me about a project is the entire product vision, the value proposition, product usability/UX/CX, conceptual modeling, as well as the actual architectural and implementation decisions. I am endlessly curious to learn about other people's work; great design stems from research and dialogue.

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Requirements engineering, Virtual Learning Environments, usability testing, expert/heuristic evaluation, prototyping, open source, information visualisation, conceptual modeling, object oriented modeling, progressive enhancement
Observation, interview techniques, remote usability testing, agile usability practice, user profiling/personas, functional multidisciplinary development teams, participatory design, pedagogy, pedagogical aspects of UIs, mobile-first responsive design, empathy and role taking in drama/improvisation
Balsamiq. C++/Qt/QML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and others, Java, various SQL databases, advanced CSS layouts, Sass, Bash, Flash+Flare, MetaEdit+ etc.
Loves <3
presence and active listening, Getting Things Done (& coaching people to use it), mindfulness, swimming, cycling, social constructivist learning theory+practice, languages (English, Finnish, French, German, Swedish)