Apps and experiences (freetime projects)

Small apps etc. available for download, or for use online. Software related writings.

This does not include code or design work done for bigger projects, i.e. Moodle etc. (→ See experience).

JPEG autorotate

autorotate screenshot

JPEG autorotate (Windows) (formerly JPEG-EXIF autorotate) creates right click menu items, using which you can automatically rotate a folder of JPEG files according to their EXIF orientation tags.


A sleeping calendar for circadian rhythm disorder patients (G47.2).

EvilAlarm - a mobile alarm clock with a twist


User experience redesign for an alarm clock on the Nokia N900 mobile phone/computer. An engaging and a very visual mobile alarm clock UI design and implementation. (A hobby project of summer 2011)

ReDash - a tree drawing application

ReDash - a tree drawing application is a windowing Java application for modeling simple hierarchies.

The Great Boogie Hunt

The Great Boogie Hunt is a simple, yet weird flash game I made for a Hypermedia course.

Winnie the Pooh personality test

An experiment in online advertising; a simple "personality test" that was featured on a local radio station and gained quite a bit of traffic due to that. It got me some hundreds of euros in the oughties to support my studies.



Computer interfaces and user interfaces are as different as night and 1.

Programming is 10% science, 25% ingenuity and 65% getting the ingenuity to work with the science. (quotations)

The goal of Computer Science is to build something that will last at least until we've finished building it. -unknown

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