Coaching services

Opportunity to unravel the knots in your life and develop your self-awareness on a profound level. Creative skills, emotional skills, embodiment, and presence

The coaching builds around the topics you bring along, as well as what happens and unfolds within you during the coaching process. Coaching is conversational and concrete, and often also bodily. It is based on presence, self-awareness, and mindfulness skills.

My clients are people who show interest in themselves. They may want to create a better connection to their own resources, wisdom, and solutions through presence.

I approach life situations as opportunities to discover, empower, and liberate. I don’t primarily focus on superficial problem-solving or changing external circumstances. Solutions are found within you, in permissive interaction.

I want to offer you opportunities to explore significant matters and challenges in your life. The effects of coaching can also be therapeutic, even though it is not actual therapy.

I encourage you to wholly be with your body and emotions. Sometimes what is, is not always pleasant to look at or live through. Other times it relaxes, and may lead us to a very peaceful place. The most important thing, however, is to allow all of it. As a coach, I am there to support the client, guiding and encouraging what is right now.

Functional exercises are also possible in the coaching sessions. We can also agree on exercises that you do at home.