Movable Type -> Nucleus database conversion tool (PHP/MySQL)

Obsolete. July 2nd, 2004: Hernan J. Gonzalez has continued my work and thus, it's recommended that you use his new script. I haven't tested it, but the code seems well written at first glance, and the UI is more advanced than mine. Notably his script is for different version of Nucleus than mine: "Programmed for Movable Type 2.6x and Nucleus 3.0x". My script has bugs and I lack the resources to fix them, so it's recommended to use Hernan's script!

This page is here only for reference now. Below here, proceed at your own risk.

I used Movable Type as my journal/blogging tool for a year or so, but there were troubles with my ISP, so I decided to find another tool. Before long I discovered that Nucleus had most of the same features - but there was no (easy) way of importing the entries from Movable Type to Nucleus. So I wrote this MySQL database table converter script in a couple of days, and turns out that also the Nucleus community had use for it. This script requires PHP version 4 (or newer?). Please read the source (comments) of version 1.1 for more information.

There are a couple of reported bugs in version 1.1 which remain unfixed (they seem to occur in PHP 4.30 and newer. There is some information about them in the Nucleus forums. These bugs don't seem to occur in all cases - I'm not sure, but they might be caused by using PHP 4.30 and newer. I currently have no priority nor resources for fixing them but if you run into troubles using my script, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to help.


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