The Great Boogie Hunt (Flash)

Sorry, but this game requires the 
Macromedia Flash 
Player version 6 or greater to function. Click to download or go to

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The Flash application has been embedded on this page with a method described in the Flash Satay article in A List Apart. This page validates as XHTML - unlike most pages with Flash in them.

If you can't run the game on this page, you can try the version with the invalid, but Flash-generated code. The version on this page is, however, supposed to work in most browsers, so if it doesn't in yours, I'd be most grateful to hear about you and your browser (Internet Explorer 5 on Windows has already been reported not to display the flash on this page).

Kudos go to the friendly people in the Apukeittiö forums. This one would've been a lot duller without them.