Banned from Facebook and Instagram without explanation, screenshots

TL;DR: I was blocked from both Facebook and Instagram permanently. To this day there is no real explanation. The only claims I got from Facebook/Meta for why this happened, are blatantly false. They offer no functional path to request a review. There are two UI paths for this, but both of them are inexplicably broken.

First they claimed I had posted something offensive at 20:51 on December 12th, 2021. Eventually they changed this and now claim the offending post happened at December 18th at 1:15 AM, I had already been completely blocked from their services for more than 4 hours at that time, so I could not have posted anything. I did not post anything at either time; nor are they even disclosing to me what they think I posted, see screenshots below.

Suddenly their SMS verification is broken so I can not login to file a complaint. I get a 2FA code but the UI does not allow entering it. I have three different types of 2FA enabled for Facebook, and none of them are compromised, so I don’t seem to have been hacked either. There seems to be no plausible explanation for this.

On a device where I am still logged in, the button to actually file a complaint is broken, and the JS console reports the server returns a 401 error. They have a form that accepts official ID to verify one’s identity; this form too refuses to submit my data.

After having gone through this I finally realize the extent of power giants like Facebook wield over our democratic societies. They have become de facto communication platforms, and really can make or break businesses. This really can happen to you too; don’t rely on solely Meta/Facebook on your marketing strategy!


Business pages still up:

No warning notice, I got banned instantly and permanently from both Facebook and Instagram, which I use for marketing as an ISV and a coach.

The whole process seems horribly broken.

On Friday night at around 9pm Finnish time (UTC+2) I was on my laptop. I switched to Facebook tab and it suddenly told me I had activity on facebook that goes against community guidelines.

I hadn’t posted anything this week, except as instagram stories that get synced to my coaching page, which hasn’t been closed. I don’t think I post anything very controversial, related to covid or otherwise.

When trying to log back in on my PC, the SMS verification failed. They sent me and I received a SMS verification code but the web ui still said sending the code failed so I couldn’t enter the code. After trying a couple of times, they say I’ve tried too many times and there is a delay of 24h. Even after the 24h passed, I still get this.

Every time I enter now on my cell phone (which is already logged in), I get this screen that claims to show the violating content I have posted, except the photo grid only shows blank grey rectangles.

In the first screen I saw (screenshot in above url) they asked me to push a big blue button to indicate I disagree with the decision. Pressing the “Continue” button gives a grey spinner and does nothing.

By Saturday, the time at which they claim I posted those violating images had changed. Originally it was 8:51pm on Friday night. Now they said it was 1:51 am Saturday morning, by which time the account had already been suspended for several hours and I couldn’t have posted anything.

Accessing on my cell phone I managed to get the instagram verification process started. That too led nowhere eventually.

Just now I found another form where I could give my userid/phone number and a scanned photo of personal ID.

I’m not sure I feel comfortable sharing all the sensitive info on it. Eventually it turns out it’s okay to physically cover sensitive parts of the ID. However, eventually the form refuses to submit my data to Facebook for no reason.

My business pages are still up, but I have no way of administering them.

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