I am currently designing semifunctional prototypes using OOo Impress, and found myself in with the challenge that while in full screen (in a slide show), I need Impress to react to only mouse clicks that hit a button or some other element.

The normal behaviour, which is taken for granted of course is that when you click on a slide you go to the next one. There is no setting for this that I could find, but it is possible. I am using Impress 2.4:

  1. Draw a rectangle around the slide, covering all of the slide
  2. Right-click the rectangle, select Arrange => Send to back
  3. Right-click the rectangle, select Interaction…
  4. Select Action at mouse click: “Run program” and type /bin/ls for example, though this might only work on Linux “Go to page or object”  (no, “No action” won’t work), Select the current slide from the list (Update 2008-06-02: Having here something that can be the same for every slide allows you to paste the magic rectangle on all of the slides without having to change the action of the slide.)
  5. Type the name of something that will run but will not show or use much processor power, such as /bin/ls on linux.
  6. Click OK
  7. Set the background fill for the rectangle to “invisible”
  8. Done!

I do admit this is an overkill, and OOo really should have the feature to just disable advancing the slide show for the entire show at once. However, it works. Do report to me if it doesn’t work for you, please. :)

P.S. Once I get the prototype tested, I will publish it here next week, along with the test questions. It is, however, in Finnish (since my test persons are Finnish).