There was a bit of discussion related to Tim Hunt’s last week post about what really matters in Moodle development. The answer is, the users’ educational needs matter. I was excited to see these thoughts. It seems to indicate that the overall user experience is starting to get taken into account the Moodle community.

Then, someone raised the question in the developer forums: “Why open source software usability tends to suck” – how do we work around this? That thread includes my reply to both Tim’s post and the questions raised by Matt Gibson.

As a sidenote: For a moment, I have switched over to the “dark side” – I am trying out MS Word 2007, and I still can’t help admiring the UI. Even the colour theme adds up to create a peaceful writing environment where I can concentrate on what’s important – my writing – arguably better than in any other word processor. If only I could stop drooling at the UI and start writing… ;)

I noticed that this thing incorporates a complete blogging client, too, neatly integrated into the UI without adding any clutter – a feat requiring sophisticated understanding of the users’ needs in itself. Maybe Microsoft is learning something…? It didn’t even add any garbage “msHTML” in the postings. It seems to have added line breaks in the final post though they are not visible in Word.