I could not find a ready-made implementation of YUI javascript inline help online, so I created one.

Moodle uses just popups for the integrated help. They are relatively easy to find since those question mark icons are all over the UI. But they still take the user somewhat out of the context of the application. Less experienced users are typically confused with new windows opening. It is also incredibly slow to open a new window in many browsers.

So I am thinking of proposing inline help as a part of the guidelines produced this summer. Mainly to entertain myself and to see how many interaction details there are to take into account, I made a demo that uses the YUI javascript library to achieve this. Actually, the second example is not inline help at all, but a YUI Panel which sits on top of the content.

I believe popups are still required in Moodle when it comes to more lengthy help texts. The inline help can not replace a popup window when there is no space in the UI for it, but an YUI panel perhaps could.