As a part of the Moodle usability effort of summer 2009, I have now published a detailed project plan for the project in the Moodle Docs wiki. Comments welcome. It feels good to be in control.

Also amused myself on Sunday (my day off) by creating this little ad, which will probably never appear anywhere else but here, now (since it is too distractive to be even here). It is the first APNG animation I ever created and should work on any decent new browser – and show just the first frame on older ones. I created the file with APNG Editor, a Firefox extension.

It was kind of a pain since the app so far only supports saving animations, not opening them for editing. And yes, I did manage to close the thing before being finished. You can figure out the rest.

The APNG format itself is kind of interesting, too. It was not accepted as a part of the PNG standard, but MNG, which is the standard for animation with PNG (if I have understood right) is not generally implemented in browsers.