I went to Kuopio on Tuesday, and during Wednesday and Thursday ran usability tests with 7 participants in total. I am in the process of making conclusions from the results, and will publish the results and an executive summary in the Docs as soon as possible.

After making the changes to the UI suggested by the testing, the official Kesäkoodi portion of the project is starting to be done and successful.

Then, there are still some finishing touches the application needs (CSS for IE and other browsers, further tooltips, question bank integration controls, further feedback for different editing operations), but those will be completed during and after September. Also, much integration work – moving CSS to Moodle 2.0 themes, discussion about the general library changes I have made – will need to take place as soon as Tim Hunt, the Quiz coordinator gets settled in to Moodle HQ (Perth, Australia) where he has recently moved.

The community feedback has been good, and Moodle 2.0 launch is planned for the end of the year (last time I heard). I will probably be participating in Openmind 2008 to present the results of this project via video conferencing from France.