The discussion about scenarios has gotten into a nice-ish start. I also published some details about how the scenarios interviews were done. Although I will try to take into account all the feedback from that background data, it does seem quite far from concrete use cases or the UI. The work I am doing just on two – although quite complex – screens, still mostly seems too simple to be affected much by the high-level differences between the personas, though some changes have been made based on them, too.

Nevertheless, I have been working on the prototype again, for the most part making fixes based on the usability tests done on May 28th and 29th. I will probably do some rather quick&spontaneous prototype testing with basically anybody I can get my hands on, not to prove anymore the UI suits the tasks of teachers, but more trying to make sure the functionality is understandable, in accordance with the ideas presented about discount usability testing in Don’t make me think by Steve Krug. After that I will publish the final OOo Impress prototype.

The different areas of focus in the actual implementation and coding work are envisioned to be as follows. Note that most functionality is already present in the current Quiz – this is UI work, after all.

(What was here was moved to the Implementation plan page.)