On Monday, April 7th I was in the Spring meeting of Moodle käyttäjärinki, which consists of Finnish Moodle users and administrations from universities around the country. I presented the project briefly (without having told them anything about myself before the meeting) and requested contacts so that I could have real users to talk with, and usability testing subjects once I have a working prototype. Three people contacted me immediately and I got a recommendation to ask the ITPEDA network/list, as well.

There was plenty of discussion about other Moodle topics, such as administration and localization. I think I will post about those to the Moodle forums at some point – I’ll notify about this here.

Also, added some of the project introductory text as pages on this site, see under “Pages” on the right ->.

Also, I’ve started to get a grip of Getting Things Done using ThinkingRock, which, erm, rocks. What this means for the project? A more organized project leader is more probable to stay sane ;).