faith, evaluated

the thing I was
I no longer am
the faith I had
it became new
I was proud of
what was vain
I look for quiet
now any peace
will do

around 29 Dec. 2011

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Olli Savolainen ( November 25, 2018

It’s interesting to look at this now seven years later.

It is no longer the case that “any peace will do” for me. At the same time I recognize that an opening up was happening at the time of writing this poem that lead to where I am now. After this poem I have listened to many different kinds of points of view regarding being a human: psychology, spirityality, physical existence and motion, presence.

I currently enjoy a view, a presence that is more integrated than I could then imagine. Still, there is an uneasiness in me when writing this. So much is still a mystery. Now that I say this, I actually open up to enjoy the mystery, the endless richness of life that is already here, ready for me to just take in, to digest.

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