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Banned from Facebook and Instagram without explanation, screenshots

TL;DR: I was blocked from both Facebook and Instagram permanently. To this day there is no real explanation. The only claims I got from Facebook/Meta for why this happened, are blatantly false. They offer no functional path to request a review. There are two UI paths for this, but both of them are inexplicably broken. […]

Caring For Other Mind Bodies as Work

There’s a deep undercurrent in my life, that’s always felt meaningful: Bringing people together to connect, facilitating spaces for us all to grow to our potential, by means of presence. Allowing and engaging, actually listening: The sensations, emotions, passions, painpoints and desires – everything that arises. The reason I’m writing this is to integrate what […]

Product and framework thinkers: When developers and UXers don’t get each other

See also: Usability and being human blog Developers and UX professionals often seem like beings from different planets. I’ve found that shared understanding about software project goals can sometimes be hard to achieve. Product and framework thinkers is a helpful way to reason about this (Reichelt, 2009).

Customizable Industrial Software Measurement Solution | References | Online desktop UI clickthrough ForceProof is a 21st century, comprehensive software and hardware product solution for materials testing. Entrepreneur; Product Management, UX Design We have been on this product development journey since 2010. So far, we’ve engaged customers in industry and in educational institutions in Finland, Sweden, the Baltics, and in Germany. […]

Getting Twincat XAE to function on MacBook Pro

I finally got sick and tired of all my windows laptops breaking physically one way or another. First there was ThinkPad Edge, then there was the ultrathin Sony Vaio (bought just before Sony sold the business and discontinued the thing). Developers, Linus Torvalds included, online seemed to agree that MacBooks are the best hardware on […]

UX Concept: Learnable Regular Expressions

Reach: 91K~1700 recommendations (Hacker News, Reddit, Twitter & Medium) Regular expressions you can read: A new visual syntax (and UI) Regular expressions are a technical tool, not unlike a domain specific programming language. It is intended for situations where you need to match patterns in text, in order to filter or manipulate it in various […]

Test driven development and usability testing

See also: Usability and being human blog Robert Martin spoke charismatically about test driven development in RailsConf in 2009. (Video link expired) He promotes the idea of having automated tests (unit tests) and running them all the time to prevent your code from becoming an enormous, unholy mess. When you have tests, you are not […]

Online store redesign for enhancing discoverability

Redesign of online store: The online reseller was running into trouble with their existing online store with 10000’s of items. Their offering had fragmented into many separate stores. Due to an inventory size of several ten thousands, there were issues with product discoverability. I built a wireframe with an overhaul of the entire information […]

Negotiating User Needs in an Open Source Community

Overall UX design with open source community Moodle Quiz: UI for creating and editing quizzes and exams, etc. I championed teacher needs, discoveries originating from University of Tampere. I engaged the community to reconsider their UX priorities. After about a year of negotiation, I got a new, dramatically more novice friendly design accepted and […]